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Jay's Tips: How to manage injuries on the sporting field

Sport's injuries can happen in an instant but put us off our game for long periods of time if we do not manage them as soon as possible. While it is important to seek physiotherapy treatment for any injury that impairs the performance or causes pain, there are many methods that you can take into account immediately after sporting injuries to ensure that recovery time can be brought to a minimum.

Today Jay taught us a little bit about the small things we can do to put us back on the court or field as quickly as possible.

1. Resting is the key

"The moment that you feel that something isn't right, you need to take a break," Jay told us. He stressed that many sportspeople, especially those in younger age groups, will try to keep exercising or pushing their limits after they have had a fall, pulled a muscle or incurred an injury. He says that it is incredibly important to listen to your body so that we can heal as quickly as possible.

2. Do I apply Ice or heat?

"Funny enough the answer is actually both. When we first injure ourselves, the answer is always ice. This will help to reduce swelling and any pain. But after the first 48 hours, we do recommend heat as this increases the blood flow and can speed up healing."

It is crucial that we listen to this advice as mixing up these treatments may cause pain, swelling, and the injury to sustain over a longer period of time. As well, in some circumstances, this may further develop the injury, leading to increased feelings of discomfort and harsher recovery times.

3. Compression is good

The most common injuries, particularly in a team sport are ankle and wrist injuries such as sprains, which can lead to extreme swelling and pain. "Using a compression bandage in the first few days of the injury can support the pain, bring down swelling and prevent any further injuries from happening."

While the extremity of compression will be determined by the injury, generally compression tape is a good place to start.

4. Physiotherapy is not the last resort!

"Many people will only come to see us after they have tried everything else already. It's important that they understand that physiotherapy is more than just a last resort!"

Physiotherapy for sport's injuries can be used to relieve pain quicker, improving scar tissue, getting you back to work, school and sport quicker, and rehabilitating performance. "We can help as soon as the injury happens or years after. There is no time frame for visiting a physiotherapist."

Jay reminds us that it is important to treat an injury as quickly as you can in order to get back to doing what you love quickly. If you have recently injured yourself, or know someone who has, make sure to inform them of the correct way to treat their injuries. Alternatively, you can always recommend them to a physiotherapist so that they can seek professional attention. For more information, contact us at 97933119, or visit our website.

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