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The Role of Sports Physiotherapy in Rugby League

Rugby league is one of the most famous sporting events in Australia which attracts millions of spectators every season. Although this season has been significantly altered by the impacts of coronavirus, the large demand for sports physiotherapy during this time has remained. This is because rugby league is a very demanding sport that involves full body contact and in result requires high levels of fitness, agility and strength.

As physiotherapists, we treat a number of sports injuries across various areas of the body. Though, when treating rugby league injuries, we've noticed that injuries to the head, upper limbs, lower limbs and the chest are the most common. This is mostly due to collision from tackling.

Over our time at the clinic, our team has had the pleasure of meeting and assisting many professional and upcoming rugby league players get back on the field as quickly as possible. In such, it has been a rewarding experience to work with our local community and we continue to invest our time into promoting good physical health on the field.

“Many sports injuries can be prevented through the application of expert sports physiotherapy along with the right warm-up and stretching techniques,” said Jim. “We design a pre-season training program and provide stretching exercises for the players focussed on increasing flexibility of the body. We also recommend the players maintain a balanced diet and hydration before the game in order to avoid problematic incidents.”

Sports physiotherapy plays an integral role when it comes to common rugby league injuries. Treatment does not only involve basic therapy because sports physiotherapy aims to fully rehabilitate the player after an injury and to also find ways to prevent aggravating previous injuries and come up with a helpful plan to avoid further injuries.

Sports physiotherapy at Bankstown Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre delivers specific exercises for rugby league that promote better posture and improved muscle balance. For further information on these training programs, contact the team at Bankstown Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre at 97933119 or visit our website to book online.

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