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2019 Student Placements

The 2019 Student Placements at Bankstown Physiotherapy begin this week! We collaborate with Western Sydney University, University of Sydney, Australian Catholic University and Macquarie University to provide their students with experience in working in a clinic, while familiarising their knowledge and applying it with actual patients.

Students will be under the guidance of our physiotherapists, who are clinical educators, over 5 weeks. Placements allow students to gain an insight into the clinical working of a physiotherapist and to develop the skill of learning from their own practice.

Physiotherapists are responsible for keeping up to date with the latest evidence base. Here at Bankstown Physiotherapy, we partake in weekly in-services to expand our knowledge and understand new physiotherapy guidelines and techniques. We encourage our students to lead our weekly in-services to enhance the knowledge of themselves, other students and the physios.

During the placements, the students shadow our physiotherapists to gain an insight into their assessment and treatment techniques as well as how a typical day operates and the systems they use. Our physiotherapists gradually allow them to take the lead with patients and in some instances, should they feel confident with their progress, will let them see patients by themselves.

Contact us at (02) 9793 3119 or at for any queries on our Student Placements.

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