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6 reasons why you may need a massage.

When we think about massages, we generally relate the idea to relaxing getaways, spa treatments or exotic holidays. However, massage as a form of physiotherapy has become increasingly popular within western culture over the past decade, with many sports injuries and health related muscular issues now seeking treatment through various forms of massage.

Significant research and evidence has been conducted in order to develop further insight into the benefits of massage therapy and chances are at least one of these benefits will be well suited to your needs.

1. It can help you relax

Patients who engage with massage therapy have continuously praised the process for providing them with an effective means of reducing activity within their stress hormones, particularly that known as cortisol. In doing so, massages are able to allow the body to enter a form of recovery mode that can allow for an increased sense of control over one’s mood and emotions as well as a significant reduction in the body’s stress levels.

2. It can boost your energy levels

Have you ever experienced extreme fatigue or the feeling of over-tired muscles? Repeated massage therapy is able to rejuvenate muscles which can in turn lead to better sleep, strengthening of muscle activity and a sense of physical stimulation.

3. It can help lower blood pressure

As previously mentioned, massage therapy is able to significantly reduce cortisol levels and increase a patient’s ability to relax. However, the reduction in cortisol is also able to decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels that can in turn assist with the reduction in risk for health related issues such as heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure.

4. It can improve circulation

Massage therapy is able to repair damaged, stiff and tense muscles that may be impacting the body’s ability to circulate blood flow. Through massage therapy, patients are able to experience an increased sense of blood supply to their muscles which can increase their ability to heal and recover from injury.

As well, such increases in circulation are able to increase mobility and functionality within the body through rejuvenating muscle tissue that may have been tense or damaged from physical activity or health related injuries.

5. It can assist with posture correction

Massage therapy is a significant means of realigning the body due to damages that may have occurred due to poor posture throughout one’s lifetime. This occurs as massage therapy allows muscles in the body to loosen and it relaxes any tension that may have been causing an individual to walk, stand or sit in a position that is not organic to their form.

6. Massage therapy can strengthen the immune system

It is a well-known fact that individuals with higher levels of stress are more susceptible to illness and injury due to potential sleep disturbances or the creation of imbalances in nutrition. Through the relaxion provided by massage therapy, individuals are able to experience boosts to their immune systems, as the reduction in stress is able to increase the body’s cytotoxic capacity, and hence allows the body to deliver nourishment more thoroughly to limbs and organs.

There’s no doubt that massage therapy is incredibly beneficial to people of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes as it is able to stimulate a number of short and long term health benefits that can in turn help reduce the risk of issues that may be related to poor relaxation, circulation and immunity.

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