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Avoiding Common Christmas Injuries

More musculoskeletal injuries occur during the Christmas period as people tend to push their bodies harder, for example, an ankle sprain at a Christmas party or sustaining lower back pain after long distance driving.

Avoiding Common Christmas Injuries – It’s important to have fun at Christmas and take steps to help avoid common injuries to make sure we can enjoy a pain-free holiday.

1. Reduce your sitting time or take breaks

Prolonged sitting can lead to short term injury like lower back pain. It is also related to increased risk of chronic disease such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Present idea: Join a gym to help you get regular exercise and help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

2. Get Active

Christmas holiday allows us to have some time off work. With more free time you can invest in your health via physical activities. Bushwalk or a bicycle ride can be a fun and healthy choice for catching up with family and friends.

Present idea: Join a gym to help you get regular exercise and help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3. Slowly build up your physical activities

To avoid injury, it is crucial to choose the type and intensity of exercise according to your current fitness level. If you are new to exercise, start with something easier like walking, then slowly building yourself up to more difficult training.

Present idea: Get a Physio, Exercise Physiologist (EP) or Personal Trainer (PT) to help develop a training program tailored to you and that allows you to make sure you get benefits yet minimise risk of injury.

4. Don't ignore pain

If you have injured yourself in the Christmas period, do not push through your pain or force yourself to attend planned activities. It is recommended to consult a local physiotherapist for proper treatment to ensure the optimal recovery.

Present idea: Visit Bankstown Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre to become pain or injury free.

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