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Cupping Therapy - Why you need to try it !

Cupping therapy has been used by Egyptians and now more known as traditional Chinese medicine. The method involves using glass, bamboo or plastic cups on the skin creating a suction on the skin raising the skin. There are three different methods which include dry, wet cupping and massage cupping.

The benefits of this therapy is still in doubt by scientists but practitioners are using the method to treat patients suffering from ailments. Bankstown Physiotherapy can perform this if requested.

According to American and European doctors have used cupping therapy to treat common ailments such as the common cold and chest infections and congestions.

Detoxification through Cupping:

Detoxification is the process of removing toxic element from the body. The method works to move the toxic elements towards the surface out of the body through the skin. The blood flows through the capillaries under the skin. Cupping is a non-invasive method that can aid blood circulation improving overall energy.

The effects of cupping?

After receiving the cupping method, you will notice small bruising or redness will remain on the treated areas, usually its on the back. This is due to the blood being forced to the surface of the skin. It is believed that the higher amount of toxins, the darker the skin becomes. Vice versa if there is less toxins in the treated areas.

Side effects of Cupping?

There are side effects which includes some mild discomfort, bruises, burns, and skin infection. We advise before beginning any therapy, speak with a medical doctor or traditional Chinese medicine practitioner about eh benefits and risks of side effects for you. If a trained health professional in cupping then its relatively a safe procedure.

Before any cupping therapy, patient will need to discuss practitioner any concerns that they may have and why they need cupping therapy. The discussion should involve the most beneficial areas that will be targeted to relieve the discomfort.

Treatment of the back is very common for cupping therapy because of the Five Meridian lines. These lines create a perfect placement for the cups on the back, while the process may produce bruising, the bruises are not caused by any forms of blunt trauma so no pain should be felt which is one of the pros of this treatment.

What happens during Cupping?

The process requires patient to communicate their experience through out the procedure to ensure a non painful experience is received as the skin is tightened as its sucks into the cup. To accommodate the patient during the experience, the practitioner should be adjust accordingly to induce relaxation during the session.

When not to partake in Cupping Therapy?

Patients should be aware that if they are pregnant, muscle spasms, bone fractures, a strong pulse that could easily be felt, ulcers or deep vein thrombosis, any forms of cancer.

Athletes have incorporated in their treatment regime as their muscle is constantly being activated and use to perform at their peak. Along with their massage therapist, sauna and possibly more. Athletes are finding more and more natural ways to relax and heal the body in order to prepare for their competitions.

If you haven’t tried it, after reading this article on Cupping. Cupping therapy can be performed by our qualified Physiotherapist at Bankstown Physiotherapy.

If you have enjoyed reading this and would like to experience the treatment ask our friendly Physio’s or book in for an appointment and we can help!

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