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Finger 'Getting Stuck'? It may be a Trigger Finger

Ever had a tender, crunchy feeling in your hands or fingers? How about a feeling as though your finger is clicking, locking or getting stuck in position? Or maybe transitioning from a flat hand to a fist is difficult and sometimes painful?

Chances are you may be experiencing a trigger finger...

Trigger finger is the result of overuse in the hands. Over time, this results in inflammation throughout the tendon which causes swelling and in many cases, this swelling may cause a bump may be felt throughout the tendon. In result, this swelling in the tendon creates a resistance in the affected finger, impacting the pulley-like system, and in result causing the finger to cease mobility and eventually pop into place. It is important to note that trigger finger can occur in any finger, however, it is most common in the thumb due to higher use and friction.

Though there is positive news. Trigger finger is treatable. While some conditions may heal on their own through rest, more serious or painful ones can be managed through various physiotherapy treatments. These include;

As mentioned, the trigger finger is caused by inflammation brought about by overuse and friction. In this, restricting the use of the affected finger is able to reduce inflammation and friction and in result reduce pain and prevent locking.

Conservative Management

After the inflammation is reduced, conservative management can begin. Depending on the severity of the condition this can range from light massage to hand and finger strengthening exercises. These aim to improve grip and reduce the likelihood of re-injury. Your physiotherapist should also recommend and exercise program to assist with the management of pain and build strength outside of appointments.

Here at Bankstown Physiotherapy, we specialise in hand therapy and have strong experience in treating trigger finger. You can see some of our work in action here!

For more information, you can also contact us at 97933119, or visit our website!

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