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How hydrotherapy can ease the pain of arthritis

Hydrotherapy involves the use of exercising in a warm pool (usually around 33-36 degrees Celsius) to relax the body’s muscles and joints to replenish movement strength. It generally involves slow and controlled movements that relax the body and it is immensely beneficial for those who may have trouble with their mobility and muscle strength on land.

Hydrotherapy, in this sense, can be beneficial in assisting in the effects of joint replacement surgery, as the water allows for the reproduction of strength within ligaments, muscles, and bones. In this sense, hydrotherapy is also incredibly beneficial for those who are experiencing arthritis as the warm pool can ease the pain of decaying joints. In turn, this allows for increased mobility in the water, providing patients with the opportunity to exercise and restrengthen muscles and joints that they may have been unable to effectively use due to intense pain or stiffness.

For those experiencing arthritis in larger areas of their body such as the legs or shoulders, hydrotherapy is also incredibly beneficial as the water can support the body’s weight, allowing patients to specifically focus on affected areas to relieve pain or stress that they may have been experiencing.

As well, hydrotherapy provides a sense of resistance against moving joints due to the slight pressure of the water. This can rebuild strength that may have been lost due to arthritis by providing a form of light exercise.

Hydrotherapy allows physiotherapists to tailor exercises following the injury, progress and pain threshold of the patients that they are handling. In many cases, this allows for sessions to start slow and be built up over time following patient needs and development.

As well, hydrotherapy doesn’t require strong swimming skills. In most cases the pool used is quite shallow, reaching around chest height. As well, a physiotherapist will always be present to monitor and assist the duration of the exercise. In many cases, those who are nervous can request use of floats to keep their body upright.

For those who are experiencing pain or trouble with mobility on land, contact us at 9793 3119 or as our physiotherapist Jawad is highly skilled in providing hydrotherapy treatment and can help you get back on track in no time.

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