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How you can stay healthy over winter!

With the winter cold, we tend to get lazy and stay at home. But it is important to remember that we need to keep up with our healthy eating habits and stay physical to ensure we stay healthy. Here are some ways that you can achieve this:

1. Enjoy winter seasonal fruits and vegetables

Go to your local grocery store and choose vegetables and fruits that you may not see all year round. This can help you try different vegetables and intake more nutrients through new foods.

2. Have some tea

There are many benefits to drinking tea! Both black and green tea are rich in plant chemicals such as flavonoids which have antioxidant effects. This can lower the risk of heart disease and promote healthy blood vessels.

3. Do indoor activities

There are many physical activities that you can do indoors to stay active. Many structure classes such as yoga, Pilates, bowling, and soccer can be enjoyed indoors. There are also heated indoor pools that are available for simple aerobics moves or even walking in the shallow end.

4. Drink plenty of water

We often do not realise we could be dehydrated when it is cold. Keep a bottle with you throughout the day to remind yourself to drink some water. It is important to stay hydrated even when we do not feel hot or need to drink.

5. Practice good hygiene

The winter season means that there is an increase in the chances of catching the flu. Practice good hygiene to stop the spread of colds, flu and Covid-19. Remember to:

- Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly

- Cough and sneeze into a tissue

- Throw away used tissues immediately

- Stay sick if you are home

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