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Therapeutic Ultrasound, broken down and why we do it

Therapeutic Ultrasound, broken down and why we do it

You have probably seen our Physio’s using this in our Vlog. In this article we break down Ultrasound (US) and the benefits of the procedure. US is a form of Mechanical energy not electrical energy and it vibrates at increasing frequencies is known as sound energy. (2017)

Here are some reasons why we found the treatment useful:

1. Increase blood flow – The soft tissue cells affected by ultrasound will stimulate on healing the blood flow and the bloodstream inside the body. According to medical science.

2. Reduces inflammation – According to research focussed on US therapy, it has revealed the heat from US reduces the swelling inside the body. The heat and waves will increase and increase blood stream in which the process will reduce the swelling as well.

3. Healing bone fracture – According to some studies revealed that ultrasound waves and heating can heal and promote the bone fracture. The bone fracture can be conformed to the power of density in ultrasound (2017).

4. Healing wounds and fractures – Using the US waves effects the tissue fiber and it protects the scar tissue from forming, in the same case it could also block the scar tissue.

There are continuous studies on Ultrasound Therapy from medical professionals. We hope that we have given you a little insight on Ultrasound Therapy. Happy reading!

For further detail on the topic, please refer to your Medical Professional or our Physiotherapists.


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