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Neck pain and stiffness? You could have a wry neck!

Ever had that terrifying feeling where it feels impossible to lift or move your neck, especially after waking up? Chances are, you are experiencing wry neck and you are not alone. Wryneck is an incredibly common condition that can range from intense muscle pain to muscle spasms or an inability to move.

There are many causes for such pain, though the two most common are developed from a locked facet joint or a cervical disc injury.

The locked facet joint is the most common of these two.

Located on the back of the spinal column, these joints guide and allow movements of your neck. These joints can occasionally become stiff due to trauma from an injury, arthritis, or simply overuse during extreme movements. This type of wry neck is usually experienced when individuals are unable to sleep at night due to discomfort or are awoken to a stiff feeling in the neck.

A locked Facet Joint injury is most common in younger generations, approximately for those from childhood to their thirties. Those who experience facet wry injuries at an older age are more likely to do so due to previous experience with a locked facet joint injury as it is highly likely to reoccur after the first injury.

The symptoms of a Locked Facet Joint form of the wry neck include; - Pain in the middle of the side of the neck - Loss of movement with the neck generally stuck in an abnormal position - Muscle Spasms- sudden tightening of the neck that can further limit movement Luckily wry neck is easy to treat and it can most likely be resolved through a soft tissue muscle due to its ability to normalize face and joint function. Such massage almost immediately unlocks the neck from positions that it may be stuck in, however, it is still common that spasm and swelling be felt for up to a few weeks after treatment is sought. In this case, treatment is generally immediate and low in cost and can help rehabilitate muscles that may have been previously strained or built up with tension.

If you are suffering from the symptoms mentioned above, contact us on 9793 3119 or visit our website to learn about our team and find out more about our treatment options.

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