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Rashmee's Tips- 5 reasons why boxing is great for you!

As you may already know, our very own Rashmee is very fond of MMA and boxing. As we have said before, she is definitely skilled in the sport, so much so that we can almost guarantee that she will kick your butt. However, many people do not understand the total benefits that boxing and MMA can provide to one's fitness as they are not immediately considered as being traditional sporting activities. Today Rash shared with us her 5 tips as to why she loves boxing so much, and the great health benefits she has gained from involving herself in the sport.

1. Fast Fat Burning

"Boxing has a post-calorie-burning effect!" Not only is boxing great for burning fat due to high-intensity training, but the exercises have a long-lasting burning effect. This means that fat will continue to be burnt up to hours after training has been completed.

2. Improved Balance and Core Stability

The key areas that are strengthened through boxing are the arms and the core due to the fast rotational movements that the sport requires. "By working on our core we can improve our balance as this can make our posture tighter. This means it's easier for us to stand up straight without slouching for longer periods of time."

3. Stress Relief

"Ever had one of those really bad days? For me, boxing is a great outlet for those days when you just want to scream." Boxing is a great way to let out all that extra steam that has built up over time. As well, the environment in many gyms is incredibly friendly and safe. This means you can meet some new people while having fun in a controlled environment!

4. Muscle Building

Boxing is an excellent way to build muscle tone and strength as it requires quick movement and fast repetitive actions. This means that boxing is a great way to build strength without the added bulk that many bodybuilders or weightlifters typically gain.

5. Improving Self-confidence and Self-esteem

"Boxing and MMA are incredibly rewarding. There's nothing better than the feeling of personal pride after achieving a new personal goal or best." Boxing is a great way to boost our confidence and happiness as it is difficult to master, however, the feeling of success after doing so is incredibly rewarding.

To find out more, or to visit us and see the boxing master herself, contact us at 97933119, or visit our website.

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