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The growing role of a Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist

Article by: Nicole Madigan | HealthTimes

Sports and Exercise Physiotherapists are dedicated to helping injured athletes return to their chosen activity. These injured athletes can range from professional athletes in world famous teams, to a 10-year-old who has sprained her ankle playing netball, or even an 80 year old with a sore back from bowls.

A Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist has expertise in musculoskeletal complaints that are commonly found in athletes, those who exercise, as well as those who conduct physical activity.

These physiotherapists work both with sporting teams and the general public in a private practice.

In Australia, Sports and Exercise Physiotherapists have recently changed their name to include the word “exercise” to represent the way they treat people.

Australian Physiotherapy Association Sport and Exercise group Chair Holly Brasher states, “we use exercise as an important facet of our treatment and rehabilitation in the aim to return our sport/office/home athletes to sport, work or life.”

It is important for these physiotherapists to not only understand the types of injuries that athletes suffer from, but also what skills they need in order to return to their chosen sport.

Additionally, they treat all musculoskeletal complaints, as well as manage acute injuries such as sprains, strains, fractures, dislocations and concussion.

According to Ms Brasher, the biggest difference between a Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist and a general physio would be their role at sporting events.

“As a Sports Physiotherapist who is required to attend to an injured athlete whilst playing, we need to be able to identify injuries, act quickly and cope with a lot of external pressures in often difficult environments. Our increasing role in sporting teams also now includes looking at risk profiles and injury prevention.”

At Bankstown Physiotherapy, we have Sports Physiotherapists who work with the Junior Bulldogs teams: Bankstown Sports and Bankstown Bulls, as well as the Bankstown City Netball Association. Our physios aim is for the quickest recovery possible, and our close association to the top sports doctors in the area will ensure athletes are back on the fields and courts ASAP.

Call us at 9793 3119 to book your next appointment with us today!

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