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Why Is My Back Always Sore?

Back pain has become an increasingly common issue amongst society, particular within the younger generations, with three out of five individuals, between the ages of 16-24, now claiming to have experienced some form of spinal pain at least once a week. However, despite such figures, the causes of these pains are commonly misunderstood, leading to incorrect diagnosis or poor treatment procedures.

So, what exactly are the causes of the types of back pain we experience?

Lower Back Pain

The most common cause of this pain is known as lumber strain which can range from mild to severe aches due to over-working the muscles over either a short or long-time frame. This pain is the most common within all age groups and are usually caused by strains during sport or high-intensity labour roles.

However, it is also possible that pains can be caused by conditions including nerve irritation where the free space around the nerve is reduced and subsequently caused to ache due to inflammation. Such pain is usually characterised by numbness or tingling that can cause weakened movement and senses from the lower back all the way down to the feet.

Though, back pain may not only be caused by overwork or conditions with the muscles and may stem from issues within the bones, particularly that of scoliosis which is commonly characterised by discomfort or weakened feelings within the back and hip regions.

Upper-Middle Back Pain

A far lesser reported type of back pain and less common within young people, such pain usually stems from long-term problems rather than short term injury and is most commonly diagnosed as a result of poor posture brought about due to the way that one sits, sleeps or walks throughout their lifetime as well as improper lifting technique or poor stretching techniques that one makes use of.

The other common cause of such pain is a medical condition known as fibromyalgia, which is the result of weakening within the muscles; however, this is quite uncommon in comparison to pain cause by lifestyle choices.

The back is a fundamental part of the human anatomy and is thus it is commonly susceptible to aches and pains due to overwork. However, if corrective action is taken immediately to attempt to treat such issues, a quick recovery will generally be found.

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