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2019 Sporting Season Begins

As the Netball and Football season begins in Bankstown, our physiotherapists will be present to ensure that players are back on the fields and courts from injury ASAP. Our team has over 50 years’ experience in physiotherapy and have been working with the Bulldogs for over 10 years. With quick and accurate diagnosis of injuries, our aim for players is the fastest recovery possible.

We understand that sports injuries are different to everyday injuries. Athletes muscles, joints and bones are stressed to the limit due to the high-level performance and demand placed upon their body. Our physiotherapists will help athletes recover from sporting injuries and aid players in their recovery and performance.

Bankstown Physiotherapy will be present at:

  • Deverall Park for Bankstown City Netball

  • Ruse Park for the Bankstown Bulls and Bankstown Sports Rugby League clubs,

  • The Junior Bulldogs Gala Days,

  • and the Peter Moore Bulldogs Academy.

Bankstown City Netball Round 1 – Deverall Park

The Bankstown Netball season began last Saturday on the 6th of April at Deverall Park and was a complete success. The day started with the annual March past and the courts were filled with energetic and determined players. Find our physiotherapists in between the canteen and barbeque at every round this season if you need any injury related help!

Peter Moore Bulldogs Academy Launch – Belmore Sports Ground

On Monday the 8th of April, the Junior Bulldogs launched the inaugural Peter Moore Bulldogs Academy. Headed by NRL coach Dean Pay and his football staff, the Peter Moore Academy program places a greater importance on participation and the development of core rugby league skills. The program focuses on up-skilling, educating and developing junior league players and coaches in the local Bankstown area. A proud sponsor of the Junior Bulldogs, Bankstown Physiotherapy will be attending each academy session, providing information and assessing injuries. Find us near the gym towards the train station side of the field!

At Bankstown Physiotherapy, we specialise in treating sporting injuries. Contact us at (02) 9793 3119 to book an appointment today.

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