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Don't Forget your Helmet!

With the weather quickly warming up we are seeing more and more people getting about after school, after work and on the weekends. This means that there has been a large increase in the number of those riding bikes for fitness and leisure. While this is great for our health and can see positive changes, especially to those who have been more static due to COVID-19, we can't help but notice there are many people who disregard the use of a helmet, thereby putting their health at risk.

Bike helmets, when worn correctly, are used to prevent injuries caused by falling. This includes but is not limited to concussions and brain injuries. In some cases, helmets have also been proven to prevent fatalities by protecting vulnerable parts of the head and brain from hard impacts and damage.

This is especially true for children.

In most cases, children are known to heal and bounce back from injuries much faster than adults. This is most recognizable through their recovery time after breaking a bone. However, when it comes to head and brain injuries, the opposite is true and children are likely to see long recovery times. This is because children's brains take a long time to develop, meaning that serious head injuries have the potential to impact future development. Some studies have even shown that severe trauma may potentially be a cause of poor mental health in the future.

Though, this does not mean helmets are only important for children. Adults are equally as likely to fall off of a bike and could be at a higher risk if riding on a highway, street or bust intersection. In fact, in all persons, wearing a bicycle helmet can prevent the chance of head and brain injury by 85%.

Here at Bankstown Physiotherapy, we love seeing the positive impacts that the warm weather has on the physical health of others. However, we also know it is important to raise awareness so that those getting out and about can do so safely. For any questions or enquiries, we are always happy to help. Simply contact us at 97933119, visit our website or book online!

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