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Getting out and about: how nature can improve our mental health

Have you ever noticed that working out outdoors often feels more rewarding than a session at the gym or at home? If your answer is yes, you are not alone! Research shows that being out and about, especially in areas with a lot of nature can produce feel-good emotions by decreasing stress and in result reducing aches and pains. This is because being out and about in nature makes us feel more calm and relaxed, improving our mental state significantly.

With the weather warming up, now is the perfect time to get out into nature. Not only will this be positive for our mental health, but it will also be a refreshing change after months of lock-down and isolation.

Nature to help you de-stress

Although our time outdoors may be limited due to work, study and family commitments, these short periods of time can help all of our worries and stresses disappear for a short time. Pain is amplified when we are facing stressful times. In such, when we surround ourselves with relaxing environments, these pains are significantly reduced. This is why it is so commonly suggested that those who suffer from anxiety and depression spend as much time outside as possible.

Being outdoors for just 30 minutes a day can have huge benefits to your mental and physical health. While it is recommended that activities such as walking or jogging during this time are undertaken, even tasks such as doing the gardening can effectively benefit our health.

Nature to increase productivity

Research continuously shows that being outside for as little as 10 minutes can help to reduce writer's block, improve our critical thinking, improve confidence and improve concentration. This is beneficial to everyone, however, it can be particularly beneficial to students and employees who spend large sums of their time completing assignments and filling out paperwork. If you have the opportunity to take a break from work and spend some time outside this will have massive benefits to your health and focus. While it is recommended these breaks occurs every hour, completing them as frequently as possible will also yield positive results.

If you're somebody who usually spends a lot of time at home, it may be beneficial for you to try out some new environments. Grabbing a group of friends and heading to a nature reserve or national park can be a great way to get out and about and have some fun. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment feel free to contact us at 97933119, visit our website, or book online!

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