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Here's how exercise improves mental health

Now, more than ever, it is important that we are taking care of our mental health. Isolation and social distancing can put large pressure on individuals and families and for some this has become a challenging time. However, if we remember the importance of self care during these times, we are more likely to thrive and maintain a positive mental health. One of the best means to do this is through exercise.

At this point, you may be asking "but how does some short exercise help my mental health?" Well in fact there are many ways that exercise may help, but here are just a few!

1. Decreasing Stress

With the changing landscape of our work environments, or even from just having the family home more than usual, it is normal that we may feel a little stressed. The great thing about exercise is that no matter the intensity or length, it is a great was to reduce stress. This is because exercise produces neurohormones that ultimately make the brain feel good. A bonus of this is less stress means a better mood and cognition.

2. Better Sleep

For those who may be spending more time at home, they may find that sleeping has becoming challenging and somewhat of a frustrating task. It's no secret that all exercise requires energy and hence, adequate daily exercise could improve the ability to sleep. A reason for this is that exercise increases body temperature, this can have calming effects on the mind and in result make sleeping easier.

3.Improvement of Body Image

No matter how light or intense the workout, all exercise is able to improve our body in one way or another. This may include the strengthening of muscles or a reduction in weight. Regardless, these improvements to our body can allow us to increase our perception of self and develop a stronger body image. This is a massive factor for mental health as a strong self perception is likely to improve overall happiness.

4. A Better Memory

Ever had that feeling when you walk into a room and then completely forget why you entered in the first place? How about when you leave that same room only to remember what you needed on your way back. Well, it has been proven that exercise increases the production of cells in the hippocampus which is the brains region responsible for memory and learning. In this, exercise can improve mental health by improving our cognition and ability to process information.

5. Productivity

Research has shown the exercising is a great way to inspire ideas, motivation, and creativity. As well, regular exercise can allow us to have more energy to use across various tasks. Not to mention, exercise allows us to have a break from our regular tasks. This break allows us to reset and be more productive when we return to work.

Have you been getting enough exercise during isolation? Here at Bankstown Physiotherapy we enjoy fitness and have seen the impacts that good fitness can have on recovery. For more information, contact us at 97933119, or visit our website.

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