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How 10 000 Steps a Day Can Help YOU Keep the Doctor Away

With ‘Steptember’ fast approaching, we are often told by health professionals that it is vital that we do 10 000 steps or more in a day. Although this may sound overwhelming at first, when put into perspective, this type of physical activity is easily achievable, accounting to just over 8 kilometers or just over an hour and a half of on foot exercise a day.

But why 10 000 steps?

Originally derived from Japanese researches in the 1960s, the idea of 10 000 steps was developed when they realised that the average working-class individual was only taking approximately 3500- 5000 steps a day. Through further research, it was discovered that taking 10 000 steps a day could burn over 20% of an individual’s daily calorie intake a day.

However, in more recent studies, it has been discovered that such a goal can also have other significant health benefits both on a physical and mental sphere.

Health organisations globally have now made use of step counts and goals as a binding motivator for groups and individuals to prioritise their health and make walking a hobby within their lives. Many have also recognised that achieving such a daily goal is able to boost overall happiness and wellness due to the feeling of fulfillment that it is able to inspire within individuals of all ages.

Aside from the obvious health benefits such as weight loss and improved strength, walking is also able to provide significant benefits including;

- Increased energy- Walking is able to build stamina and allow individuals to live fuller lives by increasing their capacity to generate and maintain energy.

- A clearer mind- Walking is an effective distraction and can assist individuals with clearing their mind of any problems or issues they may have faced throughout their day

- Assist with maintaining healthy blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels- Due to the relaxation provided through walking, the body is able to self-heal and hence maintain a healthy blood supply.

- A reduction of the risk of a heart attack.

Have you been tracking the number of steps that you do each day? With ‘Steptember’ fast approaching, it may be time for you to begin your process towards a healthier, well-rounded lifestyle.

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