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How much physio do I need?

"How many more sessions will I need?" This is the most frequent question we hear in the clinic, especially after a patient's initial consultation. Though, while there is no definite answer as to how many physiotherapy sessions may be required, there are many factors that may determine the time an individual takes to heal. From such, our team can generally estimate the amount of physiotherapy that is required as well as the frequency and intensity of treatments. These include;

The severity of the condition

Injuries that occur suddenly such as a sprain, tear, fracture or an ACL rupture can usually be treated within a few months. However, this is often determined by how quickly the injury is identified and treatment begins. For chronic injuries, especially those that have created weakness, improper movement and secondary injuries, treatment may take up to a year, or potentially longer, depending on the frequency and intensity of treatments.

Past medical history

Specific medical conditions may impair the body's ability to heal and regenerate. This may include poor bone health due to osteoporosis or disorders that attack the immune system as this will delay tissue recovery. In this, a patient experiencing a condition that may delay recovery may require more physiotherapy sessions than usually required for a specific injury. As well, those who smoke or have a poor diet are also likely to have a longer recovery process and hence a need for more treatment.


It's no secret that the older we get the longer our body takes to heal. Unfortunately, this does mean that those who are of an older age bracket should expect to require more treatment for injuries. However, keeping fit and maintaining a balanced diet can improve the body's recovery ability.


Physiotherapy treatment is an ongoing process. This means that even when you are not being treated by a physiotherapist, you must complete the exercises and tasks that your physiotherapist provides you with. This is because they are suited to improving movement, reducing pain and treating the injury as quickly as possible. Hence, those who complete their relevant exercises are more likely to recover quicker and thus require fewer physiotherapy sessions.

The general process of physiotherapy treatment involves; diagnosis, management of pain, range of motion, strength building, and goal-specific drills. This means that on average 5-8 treatments are needed to see results. However as mentioned, this may extend if the injury or condition is chronic or persists longer than anticipated.

Here at Bankstown Physiotherapy, we are specialised to treat a large range of injuries. For more information visit our website. Alternatively, you can contact us at 9793 3119 to speak to our team or make a booking.

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