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How to tackle ankle injuries.

Ankle Injuries:

Ankle injuries can happen to anyone, through something as simple as walking on an uneven surface. The most common ankle injuries are sprains and fractures, where ligaments and bones in the ankle are impacted, but you can also tear or strain a tendon.

Ankle injuries are one of the most common sporting injuries. This is because the movements required in sports include jumping, turning, and twisting motions which can tear the ligaments that connect bone to bone and stabilisation of the ankle joints.

Types of Ankle Injuries:

The most common type of ankle injury is an inversion sprain where the foot twists inwards. This accounts for more than 80% of all ankle injuries. This sprain will cause swelling and pain on the outside of the ankle with bruising on both the inside and outside of the joint.

It is also helpful to get X-rays or Ultrasounds on the site of injury to correctly help diagnose the injury and ensure nothing is missed.

The 5 most common ankle injuries include:

- Achilles tendonitis or tear

- Ankle sprain

- Fractures of the ankle

- Plantar fasciitis

Physiotherapy treatments for ankle injuries:


- Immobilisation

- Taping

- Electrotherapy

- Massage

- Patient education

- Rehabilitation program

- Stretching exercises

Most ankle sprains heal within 2 to 6 weeks however, severe sprains may take as long as 12 weeks. During the recovery stage, it is essential that strengthening, and balance exercises are done to ensure proper healing to prevent reinjury.

Bankstown Physiotherapy are very experienced in the treatment of Ankle Injuries. If you would like to begin your hamstring recovery, please call to speak to one of our friendly receptionists Ph. 9793 3119

One of our patients came in with a suspected ankle fracture - we treated him with some light massage, cupping and ultrasound therapy.

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