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Pain in Your Knee? Could it be Fat Pad Impingement?

Behind your knee cap and tendons of your knee, there is some soft fatty tissue known as “Hoffa’s Pad” or “infra-patella fat pad”.

Occasionally this tissue can become pinched or ‘impinged’ between the articular surfaces (joints) of your knee, causing swelling and severe pain when your leg is extended (straightened). This usually happens if the knee becomes over-extended or from an awkward impact onto the knee such as a fall or sporting injury.

It is important not to ignore the pain as fat-pad impingement does not resolve spontaneously. Ignoring the pain can lead to scarring or fibrosis of this tissue making it shorten, which can lead to further impingement and pulling the knee cap into incorrect positions.

Your physiotherapist can help with swelling management and taping to unload the pressure on the fat pad, in order to limit the pain and provide advice before forwarding your case to an orthopaedic surgeon if needed.

Are you concerned that you may have fat pad impingement? Our specialist physios can help to assess and treat in the comfort of your own home and we can set up an initial appointment instantly. Contact us today on 02 9793 3119 or email

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