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Slips, Trips and Falls : Here's how Physiotherapy can help prevent falls

As we get older, there is an increase in the chance of accidental slips, trips and falls that may lead to serious injury or fatality. These fatal falls are most common in those in the over 80's age bracket. This truth can be shocking and confrontational for many, however, there are many precautions that we can take to help prevent these accidents in ourselves and our elderly friends and family.

As physiotherapists, our team is strongly specialised in understanding human movement and function across various age and lifestyle changes. In this, our work with the elderly not only aims to reduce aches and pains but aims to increase mobility and set in motion these preventative treatments.

The consequences of falls in the elderly can be devastating. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Loss of Confidence or Embarrassment

  • Reduced Quality of Life due to Aches and Pains

  • Significant Financial and Residential Care Costs

  • Fractured Limbs or Hips

Although many assume that age is the cause of many falls, these falls may also occur due to medications taken, lack of exercise or underlying health conditions. In this, there are many ways that our team can assist and develop fall prevention methods, the most common of these being the creation of exercise programs.


The first and most important means of preventing these falls is to educate. It is important that those more susceptible to falls know the risks and how fall can occur. By doing so, our team will be able to educate their patients on how to reduce the risk of falls in the home and throughout their lifestyle. This may include the introduction of safety equipment or simply recommending appropriate daily footwear.

Exercise Programs

After understanding the risk factors and lifestyle of their patients, our physiotherapists can develop exercise programs to improve balance, mobility and strength. These exercise programs will involve light exercise and stretches that will be able to increase the overall quality of life. For those who may struggle to exercise alone, we recommend getting family or friends involved.

Clinical Assessment

As mentioned, our team is well trained to understand the functionality of the human body and its various changes throughout life stages. In this, we are able to conduct a clinical assessment of our patients to understand their areas of risk. This assessment may focus on testing balance and functionality in order to determine suitable treatment.

We are always happy to help those in need. For more questions, or for an assessment, contact us at 97933119 or visit our website!

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