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The physiotheapy guide to staying healthy this Christmas

Believe it or not, the Christmas period is one of the busiest times in our clinic. Though, many of the injuries that we treat during this time are those that could have been easily avoided with a little precaution. With only 2 days until Christmas, our team has put together a small collection of tips to enjoy time with family and stay away from inury.

Exercise doesn't stop when Christmas starts!

It's common that many people fall out of their schedules when the Christmas break comes around. Even though Christmas is a time to relax and catch up with family and friends this does not mean that we should stop moving altogether. Keeping the body moving, even through some short walks or bike rides is a great way to remain active and prevent your body from growing stiff. And it's also a great way to burn those extra calories from Christmas feasts.

Don't Slack off!

If you are someone who has a regular exercise, stretching or movement routine, chances are that putting that routine on halt is going to cause damage to your body. This could include stiffness and pain throughout the holiday period or a greater chance of injury when said exercise resumes. We understand that Christmas can be busy and exercise programs can be restricted, but we recommend that even short periods of physical activity should be comtinued.

Some toys are only for kids!

If we told you how many adults we get in the clinic after Christmas due to injuries with their children's toys, you would be amazed. Skateboards, push-bikes and trendy presents such as hoverboards have shown us many broken ligaments and long recovery processes in the past few years. If you are desperate to try out your child's new gadget, make sure that it is built to support your weight and you use the correct protection to reduce the risk of injury.

Drinking makes us do crazy things!

It's no secret that alcohol consumption is at an all time high during the Christmas and New Year period. We know how it is, we like to celebrate too! But it's when celebrations get out of hand that injuries can occur. This is because such alcohol consumption can impair your judgement, vision, steadiness and coordination! We don't mean to ruin any fun, but by being more conscious of your surroundings this Christmas, there is a much smaller chance of injury and a long term recovery process.

From all of us at Bankstown Physiotherapy, we wish you a Merry (and safe) Christmas. For more information, visit our website or call 97933119 to make a booking!

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