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The shocking truth about your pillows

When we think about pillows, we generally think about how the right pillow can lead to a great night's sleep, whilst the wrong pillow can lead to restlessness and uneasiness. Research has shown that sleep is incredibly important in promoting good health and wellbeing. However, what many people fail to understand is that the wrong type of pillow can lead to large physical consequences such as back pain, neck pain, stiffness, and even extreme headaches.

But what makes "The Right Pillow?"

Well, that all depends on the way that you sleep. Pillows are designed to support the body during the long periods of rest we incur in our sleep. In this, to promote good alignment and reduce pain, we should choose the pillow that best supports our preferred sleeping position. These include;

For those most comfortable sleeping on their side- A pillow that keeps your neck as horizontal as possible is vital as it will align the neck and the spine more effectively. This will be able to reduce any pains or tension within the muscles as they will be more relaxed during rest. A maximum of two pillows is recommended, however, this can change in regards to advice from your GP.

For those who sleep on their back- This position is best for those who suffer back pain if the alignment is correct as it can relieve pressure from the muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back. A pillow that allows you to stare directly at the ceiling and does not force your neck up is best for this as this is the best position to allow the muscles to naturally relax.

For those who sleep on their front- A thin pillow is best suited for this position as pillows that are too big will force your neck into a backward position. This can not only cause neck pain but also lower back pain due to creating an unnatural curvature in the spine. Front sleeping is generally not recommended for many people as it forces the neck to be turned in a sideways position. For those most comfortable in this position, it is recommended to sleep with a pillow under your stomach to prevent your spine from sinking forward.

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