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The world after Covid-19

Since the outbreak began in Australia, non-essential businesses have ceased operation and many business owners have had to make quick changes to their business structure to maintain sales and staff. Across the private healthcare industry, we have seen significant decreases in patients visiting our clinic as many are now opting for our online Telehealth services or choosing to stay at home until the situation is controlled.

Working in such a dynamic business environment means that we always need to be ready to adapt to change, however such fast global change has allowed us to recognise opportunities within our business that we may not have considered prior to isolation and social distancing became the social norm. If one thing is for certain, it has allowed us here at Bankstown Physiotherapy to become more flexible in our working environment. This is not only for our staff, but also our patients.

Telehealth has provided opportunities for our patients to consult with us at times and places that would have otherwise been impossible. Such can include during their lunch break or from the comfort of their own home when nobody else can look after the kids. It has meant that we can help people without disrupting their life schedule with appointments and travel time. We have also seen this great adaptation to change from a number of businesses in our local community who are striving to maintain operation during this uncertain time.

Despite this, it is important to remind everyone that such adaptation cannot be achieved from all business structures and many Australians have lost their jobs due to this. We too understand the great pressure that it has on others and look forward to the return of normal business.

But what does this mean for the future after Covid-19 is controlled?

Will things just go back to the way they were, or will there be yet another shift in lifestyle?

If there's one change that has become prevalent across many businesses during this time it is the capacity for employees to work from home. While this is a change that has been coming into businesses for the past few years, prior to the outbreak many office firms deemed their operations as impossible to do from home. However, with the need to maintain business and finances, many of these firms seemingly became operational from a household setting overnight. When restrictions are lifted does this pertain to a stronger push for work life balance?

This is especially true for our industry. As of the current situation, our Telehealth services have been implemented as a way provide healthcare to those who may not feel comfortable in the clinic environment. As we previously mentioned, this has boosted our businesses convenience for many who otherwise would need to cancel or reschedule appointments. Does this imply that some clients will prefer to use online health, even when restrictions are lifted?

The air is currently full of uncertainty, but what's more uncertain is how things will be after the virus has been controlled. We've only listed a couple of changes we perceive, but what do you think? Will life go back to the way it was, or should we expect large cultural shifts.

As always, feel free to contact us for any physiotherapy related questions. You can reach us best on 9793 3119, or We also have an extensive website that may be able to assist your inquiries.

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