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This simple sitting technique may reduce your chances of heart attack and diabetes

A recent study by Liam Mannix in The Sydney Morning Herald proposed that the amount of time we spend seated may not be the cause of health conditions such as heart attack and diabetes. Rather, the way we sit may be the ultimate cause of such lifestyle conditions.

By studying into the life of the Hadza people of Tanzania, Mannix noticed that 'hunter-gatherers' spend almost as much time sitting as the average Australlian. However, rather than in front of a TV, they do so in front of a fire, and in a very different position to what we're used to. They hold a squat that activates many of the large muscles within the legs. This means that even when resting, they are activating their muscles far more than we do from sitting in a chair. In turn, this continuously builds strength and means that they are excelling in performing daily exercise.

The difference can be especially noted between these tribes and our typical office worker. It is a long known fact that exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle, and it seems that these tribes have unlocked the key to staying seating and ensuring daily exercise is maximized. As well, by using the large muscles in their body, much of the sugar they consume is regulated, allowing it to leave the body and prevent diseases caused by large sugar buildups.

So what does this mean for me?

By modifying the way that we sit, even for only a few minutes a day, we are able to activate these large muscles that we otherwise may not correctly exercise. This isn't a substitute for exercise, however is a great way to increase the exercise that we do at home! In doing this, we are able to regulate our bodies and possibly reduce the chance of chronic health issues.

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