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We're Working With Bankstown Women's Health Centre

Earlier this month we received some great news that our clinic will be able to assist with yet another community organisation. Bankstown Women's Health Centre is one of 22 non-government women's health centres across NSW that provide choices to determine their individual health needs.

Bankstown Women's Health Centre (BWHC), is focused on recognising the social, environmental, physical, economic, emotional and cultural factors that may impact a woman's health. They are also highly dedicated to breaking down the barriers of stereotyping in order to meet the correct diagnosis for women and hence promote a culture of wellbeing within their clinic. In this, the clinic provides a holistic approach to healthcare and aims to develop programs focused on women's mental health as well as the demographic specifics of the area. By doing so, the clinic has seen a high number of women who have experienced sexual assault and domestic abuse as it acts as a safe place for women to talk to a professional.

However, despite the high number of such cases, the clinic also acts as a form of support for all patients, not just those who have experienced such events. In this sense, the clinic also represents a place where women can find privacy, confidentiality and refuge from the business of daily life.

From the 16th of March, our very own physiotherapist Christina will be stepping into a physiotherapy role within this clinic in order to assist female patients who may feel they have no safe place to go, or who require a degree of privacy not offered at other clinics. Christina aims to assist as many patients as possible in this clinic by providing physiotherapy treatment and her knowledge of women's health to those who need it most. She believes this treatment will be especially beneficial to those who are pregnant, have recently had children, are recovering from traumatic events or are simply in need of some relaxation.

Here at Bankstown Physiotherapy, we are enthusiastic about helping the community and we are excited to begin this new journey. We look forward to working with the BWHC team and hope that we can make greater improvements to women's health.

Find out more about Bankstown Women's Health Centre:

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