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Which type of massage is best for you?

It is common in our clinic that we come across clients who require a massage, but, are unaware that different kinds of massages are used to treat various areas, conditions, and pains. While all massage focuses on applying pressure to the muscles and joints through kneading and rubbing, each type of massage can have very different effects. So which massage is best for you?

1. Swedish Massage Swedish massage is a gentle type of massage that focuses on the entire body. This massage is most ideal for those who are new to massage, are tense or are very sensitive to touch as it works to gently reduce knots and bring on relaxation.

A Swedish massage consists mostly of kneading, long flowing strokes on the direction of the heart, and deep circular motions.

2. Deep Tissue Massage A deep tissue massage applies more pressure than a Swedish massage and is most beneficial to those who experience chronic muscle problems; including soreness, injury or poor balance. A deep tissue massage is best for relieving tight muscles, pain, and anxiety.

This kind of massage will involve slow strokes and deep tissue pressure as a way to relieve tension throughout all layers of the muscles.

3. Sports Massage For those who are prone to injury due to the repetitive use of a muscle, a sports massage is generally the way to go. This is because sports massage can increase the flexibility and performance of muscles by providing deep pressure and soothing strokes on the injured areas.

An effective sports massage should reduce the likelihood of reoccurring injury as it can improve the performance of muscles.

4. Trigger Point Massage These massages are best for those who are experiencing a specific issue of condition that is causing tightness throughout the muscles and tissues. These areas are known as trigger points as they usually stimulate pain throughout other areas of the body. This type of massage hence focuses on said trigger points to relieve pain throughout the entire body.

A trigger point massage uses broad, flowing strokes combined with deeper pressure to release pain from the body.

5. Prenatal Massage This is a safe way for pregnant women to receive a massage. A prenatal massage aims to reduce pains and stress that may arise due to pregnancy. This type of massage is similar to a Swedish massage, however, it is more focused on the lower back, hips, and legs.

Here at Bankstown Physiotherapy, our massage therapist, Mel, is highly skilled at providing a large range of massages to relieve pain. For more information on the types of massages that we offer at the clinic, visit our website, or contact us directly at 97933119.

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